Sing Me No More

“an extraordinary piece of precise writing”

At a crossroad and desperate for answers, Nemah pieces together her fragmented memories. Shattered by violence, scarred by addiction, betrayed by her family, their religion, and a series of patriarchal mental health professionals with their patronizing arsenal of pharmaceuticals and platitudes, Nemah examines what has led her here, to this moment. Through the ritual of telling, Nemah struggles to find hope in the darkest places, and the courage to heal despite formidable odds.

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“An undefined expression of the human spirit, D’anna has done an extraordinary piece of precise writing.” ~ Verne Clemence, Star Phoenix

“D’anna has given us a first novel of quite terrible beauty: terrible for the pain it documents, beautiful for the care of its telling. Sing Me No More overflows with an attentive, even sensuous care for language, and for its main character.” ~ Border Crossings

“This is a story of human endurance — beautifully written, passionate and true. What fiction ought to be – moving, even searing, yet elegant in every way.” ~ Ellie Danika

“D’anna uses the devices of fiction with great skill. Through ritual telling, she marks out the boundaries of a sacred space rarely afforded true confession. While there is not an easy word in Sing Me No More, it is neither a sad nor even an angry book. It is a painful and loving one. It is necessary fiction.” ~ James Hutchinson

“This remarkable first novel is a raw wound on the way to freedom. Reading it is like pulling shards of glass from your body. Each section is a splinter, a shred of skin. This is a writer whose first duty is to her voice.” ~ Patrick Friesen, Prairie Fire

Sing Me No More is published in print by Press Gang Publishers, under the author name Lynnette Dueck. This is its only release in digital format, published by SisterPress. It’s available for purchase exclusively from the author here, and at 49thShelf.