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Whether it sells hand-crafted jewelry or plumbing services, every business needs to have a professional profile. We write bios for everything, and we love telling your stories! We write short, long and full-length bios for about pages, personal profiles, and feature articles. Anywhere, in fact, that asks for the story of you. We write single bios, or, if you prefer, you could order a tailored profile package that might consist of a feature biography and a brief bio, or a set of profiles of your company’s personnel for a Meet Our Staff feature in your newsletter or on your website.

And if you’d like a complete biography, we write life histories and memoirs. If you’re looking for some practical support while you’re writing your own autobiography, we’ll act as consultants to help you organize your memories and mementoes, and to help you decide which details of your life will be most interesting to your readers.

These are some of the ‘abouts‘ we’ve written for our clients.

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To get professional help to tell your story, contact us!