Aboriginal-Art eBook CoverNeed an ebook? We’ll make it for you! We’ll write it, edit it, format, design and/or convert it, depending on your needs. We can take care of just one part of the process, like making a cover, or we can create your whole ebook from start to finish. We’ll give you anything your require, from a basic line-edit and cursory proofread to a substantive developmental edit to evaluate your book for composition, structure, style and cohesion and, for fiction, to edit for story arc, character, and plot development.

Ebook Conversions for Published Authors

If you’re an author whose books have been published but not digitized, we will convert them into .mobi or .epub format for you. All you need to provide us is either a hard copy or a photographic scan (PDF) of your book, and we’ll do the rest.

Design and Conversion

After your manuscript has been edited and proofread, and all the required changes have been made to it, we transform your raw text document to digital book format. This design process includes hard-coding all content styles such as titles, ToC, chapters, body, paragraphs, font styles and sizes, footnotes, hyperlinks, etc. – as well as sizing and placing graphics, writing and placing ephemera such as copyright, reviews and author bio pages, creating and placing other elements like barcodes, and designing and placing book covers. Once all these tasks are complete, we convert your document to the ebook format that best meets your needs.

Publicity, Promotions & Marketing

We’ll help you figure out how to get started, and where to go from there. SisterPress provides practical assistance and support for authors who are self-publishing to help your ebooks find an audience, get reviews and of course, be sold. We’ll even design you a funky little logo like this big green cricket!

Please contact us with a description about your needs for a quote or for more information. See the graph below to get an idea about our rates.

~ Ebook Service ~
Starting Rates
 For Services Not Listed  Please contact SisterPress.
Convert PDF to Raw Text Doc $1/page*
Reformat Raw Text Doc $10/page
Line Edit/Proofreading $60/page
Developmental/Substantive Edit $120/page
Format Ebook $20/page
Size and Place Graphic Elements $10/image
Place Ephemera $20/page
Design and Place Cover $250
Convert and Verify Ebook $200
 Write Ebook Synopsis As Negotiated
  • 1 page = 250 words