Ordering an article could not be easier! Just describe your subject matter or topic, the number of words or pages, and what the piece is for, then we’ll take over. You’ll get a first draft to read through and comment on, and we’ll incorporate your feedback into our final copy. If you’re working with a designer, we’ll make sure our copy fits their format. All of our articles are researched, written, and edited with care.


D’annaInk writes, edits and proofreads website copy using search-friendly techniques that will help your target market find you on the web. Your business, services and/or products will be described in language your customers can easily relate to. We will collaborate with your webmaster to make sure the content is a fit. If you’re revising your existing website, we’ll update and/or reinvent your copy to surpass your expectations. And of course, all copy is subject to your final approval before your site goes live. Here are some websites using our copy.

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Press Releases

If you’ve got a brilliant new product, an open house in a property once owned by royalty, you want to tell the world! Getting media attention takes experience and a special skill — we have both, and we’ll happily write your next press release for you. Here are some press releases we’ve written for our clients.

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White Papers and Reports

Don’t let your important messages get mired in unreadable copy! When you need an idea or topic delivered to a specific audience we’re here for you, organizing your ideas, clarifying your subject matter, and making even the most complex data accessible to your target audience. Here are some examples of white papers and reports we’ve developed for our clients.

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View our Rates Sheet for costs, and please contact us for all your communications needs!