Traditional quality. Contemporary media.

A picture may speak volumes – but very few are actually worth a thousand words. Illustrations are great for many reasons but they do not ‘speak,’ and they seldom spur us on to action. We still rely on words to convey our thoughts and ideas. Applying the traditional values of exceptionally high quality research and writing standards to every task, and offering the flexibility to satisfy all your business communication needs, SisterPress gives you the very best – in writing.

We are a professional communication service for digital media. We craft readable original copy for blogs, websites and promotional materials like newsletters, white papers and reports. We’re also handy at all aspects of ebook development. We specialize in deconstructing complex subject matter into language that’s accessible to a lay-person without dumbing it down or losing too much of its meaning.


Trust SisterPress for original copy, thoroughly researched, and ideally suited to the demographics of your target market.


If you’d like a digital book, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you have a completed manuscript you’d like to convert to a digital book, or need an ebook for any other reason, we provide full professional support, including the layout, design and formatting needed to transform your work into a saleable electronic book according to the standards required by the online publisher of your choice.

Newsletters & Bulletins

Your customers will look forward to reading your beautiful themed newsletters and bulletins. We’ll produce either a single issue in any theme you choose, or work with you to develop an annual campaign, generating ideas for themes that bring the very best of your business news to your customers on a consistent basis throughout the year.

Reports | White Papers | Proposals

When you need to get your message delivered to a specific audience, SisterPress is here for you, organizing your ideas, and making even the most complex information accessible to your target audience.

Profiles | About Pages | Bios

Every company, large or small, needs a polished profile. SisterPress specializes in writing outstanding human profiles, business bios, and About Us copy. We can write a single bio or you can order a profile package tailored to meet your specific needs. It might consist of one longer biography and a brief bio – or a series of profiles with multiple purposes. You might consider posting employee profiles in a feature in your newsletter or on your company website. The choice is yours.

Articles & Features

It couldn’t be easier! You just describe your subject matter or topic, the number of words or pages, and what you need the article for, then we’ll take over. You’ll get a first draft to read through and comment on, and we’ll incorporate your feedback into our final copy. If you’re working with a designer, we’ll make sure our copy fits their format. All of our articles are thoroughly researched, well written, and edited with care.

Website Content

SisterPress writes, edits and proofreads website copy using search-friendly techniques that will help your target market find you on the web. Your business, services and/or products will be described in language your customers can easily relate to. SisterPress will collaborate with your webmaster to make sure the content is a fit. If you’re revising your existing website, SisterPress will update and/or reinvent your copy to surpass your expectations. And of course, all copy is subject to your final approval before your site goes live.

Press Releases

You’ve got a brilliant new product, an open house on a property once owned by royalty, or you’ve won a much coveted award, and you want to tell the world! Getting media attention takes experience and a special skill — and SisterPress has both!

Please contact us for all your communications needs!

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