Lullaby for Ginger

“a collision between sexuality, obsession, art, and pain”

Lullaby for Ginger by Lynnette D’anna

Anika. Dominatrix, creator of shocking art, pornographer to the chronically bored. Anika, found with her throat slit just weeks before her breakthrough exhibition in Frankfurt.

Jorja would die for Anika. In fact, she almost has. But while she yearns for Anika, she’s got Claude, whose canvases are hung in only the most exclusive galleries, who intends to transform her into a well-kept wife, a wife who writes and looks after his ageing mother while taking care of all his many other little needs.

And then there’s Zoë, eager to escape her small-town life. Zoë, who boards a bus in Clayton leaving behind her married lover and his pregnant wife, her dead mother’s house and all her memories, about to stumble right into Jorja’s arms.

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Lullaby for Ginger by Lynnette D’anna
eISBN 9781988386010
439 flowable pages
Fiction / Erotica / Queer


“Smart fiction about obsessive love and sex without intimacy. The writing is thoroughly modern, and the prose is dark and thorny. D’anna’s characters are well drawn and the action reads like a microphone is hidden under the bed.” Sue Robins, Winnipeg Free Press

“A collision between sexuality, obsession, art, and pain, veering in tone from the gently sensual to the brutally painful.” Quill and Quire

Lullaby for Ginger was first published in print as Belly Fruit by New Star Books. This is its only release in digital format, and it is available for purchase exclusively from the author here, and from iBooks.