Lynnette D’anna grew up in a Mennonite household on the Canadian prairies and, like many of her characters, she chose to roam – both literally and metaphysically. D’anna has been writing stories all her life, and has published seven books of fiction.

Her coming-of-age novel RagTimeBone has been translated into German and is published as Zeit der Blosse by Hamburg’s Argument Press. Her book Vixen is featured in Julia Michael’s 2017 thesis, Narrating communities: constructing and challenging Mennonite Canadian identities through narrative. Daniel Shank Cruz calls her ‘the godmother of queer Mennonite literature’ and in his 2018 editorial  A Brief History and Bibliography of Queer Mennonite Literature he writes:

“D’anna’s novels are exuberantly, explicitly queer, and thus represent a watershed event in the history of both queer Mennonite literature and Mennonite literature in general. Their raw sexuality is a precedent for that found in the fiction of later writers.”

One of the sweetest ways for you to support D’anna’s work is by buying and sharing it. All her books are available for purchase in digital format on this site. You can also order any of her novels in first edition paperback format from her on this site. Please get in touch, and thanks for stopping by!

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