Danna In TrashLynnette D’anna grew up on the Canadian prairies and, like many of her characters, she chose to roam. D’anna is fond of cats, trees and large bodies of water. She has been writing stories all her life, and has seven published novels. You can read more about her here.

D’anna’s current fiction manuscript, We Waited As Snow, is a dystopian science fiction featuring extraterrestrials and companion robots, and also some humans. D’anna works freelance as a language consultant from her home in Canada. If you’d like to extend your support to her, you’re welcome to get in touch!

Of course the nicest way to support her work is by buying it. Her epubs are available for purchase on this site. You can also order the novels in paperback format directly from the author here. Be sure to request an autograph!

Keep writing, keep reading, and thanks for dropping by!

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Author Photo by © David Danielson, taken at Winnipeg Beach.