Cat Damage

cat creeps tail high ears flat back eyes stretched thin stalking kill cat’s on the prowl scratches on my skin evidence she’s been at it all night long waking to this chaos slashes plants unpotted papers shredded cat’s purring claws extended padding at my blanket to nurse herself sedate peeling plastic from adhesive bite the […]

what will

what will happen when you place your face under hers and she moves and she moves and when next you look she is gone is gone and then and when you place your faith in something moving in some one moving faster than the sky faster than the moon the moon she sets she rises […]

moving, in four parts

1 I take the train in may. In toronto I meet writers and smokers, and you say it’s a good place for an artist to be, with sultry nights that never end or perhaps that’s just how it feels sitting here with you on your lilac scented stoop till dawn smoking reefer changing the world […]