Lynnette D’anna began writing professionally in 1990, and has since developed a substantial body of published work. She holds an honours degree in Creative Communications, and has been awarded more than a dozen provincial and national grants for her writing work during the course of her career.

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D’anna has worked as a company publicist, managing publicity, promotions, and media relations for several performing arts groups including Winnipeg’s Ruth Cansfield Dance, and Vancouver-based Headlines Theatre for Living. She has also done promotions for Vancouver’s Playhouse Theatre and the Vancouver Opera. She is past-president of Prairie Fire Press Board of Directors, for which she conceptualized and coordinated an enormously successful fundraiser developed around the theme of Sex and Power in Writing, a multi-faceted campaign which included an international juried writing contest, the release of a special issue of the magazine, and an extremely well-attended cabaret.

In addition to her seven published books, D’anna’s poems, articles, profiles, critiques, and reviews have been widely published in literary journals, newspapers, and magazines. She has written feature articles and columns, and has contributed to a number of print publications, among them Zygote, Mennonite Mirror, RhubarbPrairie Fire, Poetry CanadaPrism International, Grain, Contemporary Verse II, Winnipeg Free Press, THIS magazine, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Black Cat 13, and Herizons. She was Managing Editor of Canadian Women’s Health Network, a bilingual quarterly national magazine, facilitating two special issues (1) on Women’s Health and Diversity (2).

Throughout her career as a professional writer and in her other contract work, D’anna has focused her energy on developing community by building bridges, using as her tools a combination of her formal education in sociology, psychology, communications, and public relations, her innate language skills, and her experiences with the arts. For a decade, she worked within the late-deaf community as an onsite graphic interpreter, where her communications built a bridge between her hard-of-hearing and deaf clients and the hearing people in the room. She also provided communications support to other professionals working within the Deaf, Deaf-Blind, and Disabilities communites, covering conferences and other events.

D’anna’s community-building activities have included performing her poems in a special production of the drama Closetland, produced by Backward Glance Productions and the Vancouver chapter of Amnesty International. She is a co-founder of Zygote, an outrageoulsy eclectic arts zine, and of Verb, a writing insert featuring local talent for Terminal, a Vancouver streeter. She wrote the regular column Notes From the Coast for Zygote. For Interchange, Winnipeg’s longest-running and most-read monthly arts and entertainment broadsheet, she wrote feature page profiles and reviews of books by Canadian writers, and creators of visual, dance, and other performing arts. She conducted writer interviews for publication in Prairie Fire magazine. She organized Pressing Poetry, a slam poetry performance competition held weekly at Vancouver Press Club. She was consulted, along with a panel of other invited artists, to collectively reimagine the Manitoba Arts Council as it entered a new millennium.

Before beginning her writing career, D’anna used her communication skills to conduct resource development for Planned Parenthood Saskatchewan, and AIDS Saskatoon. She coordinated a women’s arts fair for the Saskatchewan Status of Women, and developed a provincial directory of self-help groups as a referral resource for mental health service providers.

She welcomed the new century as coordinator of the Good Food Club in Winnipeg’s West Broadway area, managing shares in an organic farm, coordinating distribution of organic produce, teaching members gardening and cooking skills, facilitating community feasts, and starting a Good Food Box program, still functioning today. She co-created and coordinated a performing summer arts day-camp at the West End Cultural Centre, free to at-risk children living in Winnipeg’s Spence Neighbourhood, contracting university music, education, and art students to work as program facilitators, and utilized the skills of local performers, musicians, and artists to work with the children, helping them create and stage their own production at summer’s end.

D’anna is currently available as a consultant and mentor to writers of all genres at any stage of their careers. She continues to provide English-language communication services to clients around the world from her home in Canada. If you’re seeking the services of a skilled professional communicator/writer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Every query sent receives a personal reply within twenty-four hours.

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