what will

what will happen when you place your face under
hers and she moves and she
moves and when next you look she is gone is
gone and then and when you

place your faith in something moving in some
one moving faster than the sky faster
than the moon the moon she sets she rises she
grows full then fades

what will happen then when no moon
rises when no star sets what will when
love blows she blows when lust when love she spins and
turns and ebbs like ocean what

will happen then and when the sand she lifts she
lifts in waves in rhythm to your rigid heart your
upright heart and she blows around like dust like
dust and when she rests far away from you some

where and she moves she lifts she blows she fades and you
are left alone what will happen then will you
run will you run you run like water down a path her voice
fastened to your soul forever, for ever there is, what will

© Lynnette D’anna 2019

Published by L.D'anna


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