“Fans of Harlan Ellison may approve.”

Vixen - Book CoverA junkie’s death on a full moon weekend and a street musician’s cryptic riddles compel Vivica on a road-trip to solve the mystery of what police are calling a crime of passion, an incestuous murder-suicide.

But all is not as it appears to be.

Accompanied by Stan, a chain-smoking private eye, and her trusty companion Lizard, with the ominous Judge in hot pursuit, Vivica’s quest to find out what happened to Ruby is driven relentlessly to its shocking conclusion.

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Vixen by Lynnette D’anna
ISBN  9781988386003
270 flowable pages
Fiction | Thriller | Bi-Queer Lit


“I picked this book up in Electric Lettuce, a wonderful everything-to-us type store in Nanaimo BC. It reads like a diary where the character only notates her brilliant thoughts for the day. We don’t walk with her through mundane things. We don’t talk about brushing teeth or eating breakfast. It’s broken and fragmented and beautiful and odd. Each day is often much less than a page of writing as she carries us along, stumbling her confusion, trying, as we all do, to find herself. Glad I picked it up … and I hope you can enjoy it too.” GateGypsy, Bookcrossing

“Approach this novel with the care and thoughtfulness that you might a volume of poetry. The experience will be as pleasurable as the alluring cover promises. Vixen is definitely a book for the adventurous!” Moira Richards, Women Writers

“Reading Vixen is like visiting a supernatural peep-show. Those who like their novels to have the distinct aftertastes of blood, Seconal, and leatherette will enjoy the ride. Fans of Harlan Ellison may approve.” Marnie Woodrow, Quill & Quire

Narrating communities: constructing and challenging Mennonite Canadian identities through narrative

Vixen was published in print by Insomniac Press. This is its only release in digital format, and it is available for purchase exclusively from the author here, and from Rakuten Kobo.