“A sort of Northern Gothic, with attitude.”

ragtimebone-2017-smallFour childhood friends come of age in this fabulously told tale of small-town life.

Rita, Sage, Pearce and Eddie are discovering love with all its horror and beauty in an intolerant world that sets up ridiculous standards of normality, and brutalizes those who don’t conform.

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RagTimeBone by Lynnette D’anna
ISBN 9781988386027
360 flowable pages
Queer Fiction | Coming-of-Age



“Imagine the energy of early Marge Piercy novels linked to a much darker and more mature sense of the hidden rooms where desire, power, sexism and hallucinations intersect – a sort of Northern Gothic, with attitude.” ~ Tom Sanborn, Xtra! West

“A complex web of relationships and sexual discovery, compelling in its drama, moving in its honesty, and satisfying in its outcome. Rita, Sage, Eddie and Pearce are boldly coming of age in this compelling story about sexual awakening, growing up, and determining their places in the world.” ~ Books in Canada

“Lynnette D’anna has a deep sense of what is both torrid and complex about coming of age, and an understanding of the fluidity of sexual allegiance. She is able to locate the burning itch at the centre of young women’s sexuality.” ~ Lynn Crosbie, The Globe and Mail

“Author Lynnette D’anna has braided the lives of three women growing up in a small town into an intelligent, emotionally percussive and almost allegorical novel about love corrupted and love redeemed.” ~ Prairie Fire Magazine

This is the only release of RagTimeBone in digital format. It is available for purchase exclusively from the author here, and at 

Zeit der Blosse

RagTimeBone by Lynnette D’anna was first published in print in Canada by New Star Books. It was translated and published in Germany by Argument/Ariadne Press as Zeit der Blösse and is available to buy from the publisher.